Adipose Narnian

My name is Jessamyn. I'm an ENFP, a sagittarius, and Team Jasper, if anyone cares. I obsess over books, historical fashions and trivia, and completely random shows, intermittently.
If I sometimes make no sense, it's because my sister is holding half of my brain for safekeeping/ransom.

Nedgrr stealing cookies.  #food #instafood #nedgrr
Sinful colors at 2 for 3? Yes, please.
Yep, the hair is down for the night.

My Pappa buys me pretty things.

Feel free to steal. #ihatethis #hateisastrongword #butIreallyreallyreallydontlikeyou #picsart #wordart


Beautiful “light tornadoes” made by photographing an LED-laden hula hoop tossed in the air. Great stuff.



So I lost my coat at school a year or ao ago. Turns out I lost it at school in the costume shop, and they thought it was a costume piece and put it in storage…. apparently, it’s been in a show now… this coat’s had more adventures this year than I have! #serendipity
Ever feel that way?

Brief Look into Omegaverse Reproductive System


Disclaimer: This is a work if fiction and should in no way taken as scientifically serious.

Be aware that this universe does not have two major genders (i.e. male and female) but rather six genders: AF, AM, BF, BM, OF, and OM.

imageAlpha females have enlarged retractable clitoris that she…

Good bless you.
Gen’s gift to welcome everyone back to school: two bags of m&ms in an old cocoa jar!