Adipose Narnian

My name is Jessamyn. I'm an ENFP, a sagittarius, and Team Jasper, if anyone cares. I obsess over books, historical fashions and trivia, and completely random shows, intermittently.
If I sometimes make no sense, it's because my sister is holding half of my brain for safekeeping/ransom.

I am one sassy panda. One frigid, tired, sassy panda.
Cool sand art.
I was tagged by @fatandohsofantastic to a #stopdropandselfie AND a simultaneous #blackandwhiteselfie. So. Here’s me, first thing in rhe morning, still not dressed from sleeping, and ny hair still in half of yesterday’s updo! 
So of YOU were summoned here by tags, it pribaby means that I think you’re a very beautiful human being. I tag you to drop what you’re doing and take a selfie. Preferably in black and white.
I genuinely don’t remember what was happening here. Caption that sucker.
This would be Genji’s sass picture. No filter. Because this kind of sass would break your filter.
One more. In case you wanted to see another. You sick jerks.
….I’m on a roll.
Wait. I take it back. This one is sexier.

….WAN might be in the market for a taller photographer with better timing.

(Blaming my mother? Oh yeah. Wouldn’t you?)
This is, obviously, the sexiest picture taken of me at the Texarkana Renaissance Festival this year.
But if you think you have a better one, be my guest. 
I’m begging.





(via sizvideos)

both: well this got awkward fast


This is glorious.